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Harmer's Town Art Center

Join us on this Visionary Journey

Planning and preliminary construction effort are continuing. Click the arrow for the latest news, updates, progress reports, and ways you can help bring the Harmer's Town Art Center to life.



Before the British burned it to the ground during the War of 1812.

Before French General Lafayette named it during the Revolutionary War.

Before George Washington stayed here on the way to his inauguration.

Before the rule of law and order tamed Havre de Grace, there was Harmer's Town.


Stroll through our mural park. Engage artists within their studios. Take a class in our workshops. Learn a trade. Start a hobby. Buy art. Sell art. Tell a story.


Welcome to Harmer's Town.


Havre de Grace has long been recognized as the cultural arts center of the Upper Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland.

The city is home to a half-dozen renowned museums, a restored theater and opera house, an historic lighthouse, and the jewel of Harford County - the Promenade boardwalk.

City streets are lined with lights, accented by music, and host frequent parades and festivities. Its buildings show colorful and historic facades and many serve as canvas for a tapestry of murals. The city boasts more parks than it does chain stores and almost holds as many festivals and events as there are weekends in a year. 


Within the beating heart of Havre de Grace, there has always been art.


Harmer's Town Art Center will be a place for artists and art lovers to learn, to teach, to work, to play, to sell, to buy, and to explore.



volunteer.     shop.     donate.

Harmer's Town Art Center strives to be as vibrant and diverse as the community it serves. We can only be strong and vital by listening to the needs and desires of our community.

Tell us what you'd like in an arts center.

What classes would you take? What workshops would you use?

What type of galleries and shows would you attend? How would you like to get involved?


Harmer's Town Art Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Thanks for submitting!

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