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Consultant Work: Assist in Managing Events and Programming for HTAC, Inc.



Harmer’s Town Art Center (HTAC), Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 2021 to build and manage a first of its kind regional art facility, creativity incubator, and economic driver in the City of Havre de Grace, Maryland. This includes rehabilitating and revitalizing a vacant commercial 34,000 sq foot building and managing an outdoor art park (which has already been renovated and open to the public). Together the building and outdoor art park comprise the HTAC complex. HTAC will be a place where artists can work, create, perform, teach, and market their art, while preserving and celebrating the history and traditions of Havre de Grace and drawing tourists into the heart of the city.

With the opening of the outdoor art park, HTAC Inc. is looking for Consulting Services from a qualified individual who can assist the organization in developing, implementing, and managing creative and well-organized events and art/history programs for its visitors (residents and guests).


Project Overview

The Board of Directors (BOD) of HTAC Inc. is currently seeking a qualified Consultant with a background in events and/or program management or similar skills to help in the development, management and implementation of HTAC events and programs. The goal is to help build awareness of the HTAC complex, bring art to the community, and help artists in their pursuits of their artistic endeavors (sales, teaching, growth, etc.).


Scope of Work, Level of Effort and Consulting Fees

Scope of Work

The selected Consultant would be responsible for helping the organization in creating programs and events that meet the organization’s mission and goals specifically achieved through personally recommended programs and events and through the recommendations of the HTAC Planning and Events Committees as all approved by the Board of Directors (BOD).  Also includes provision of consulting assistance in the oversight, implementation and overall management of the approved events and programs.

Consultant assistance would include, but may not be limited to, the following work:

  •  Working with HTAC Inc. Committees and the BOD in the development, scheduling, and planning of events/programs. Assisting the BOD in managing the work required to implement the approved events/programs, and with the assistance of the BOD Liaison and volunteer committee members

  • Working directly with artists, retail vendors and donors, as well as the City of HdG and other organizations (local and regional) in the provision of goods and services for the approved events and programs (within the budget allocated by the BOD)

  • Providing recommended volunteer recruitment, organization, and training programs and /or policies. And help in implementing and overseeing all.   

  • Working with the BOD, especially the Treasurer, in the creation of budgets for the events / programs and general account management

  • Working within the parameters of the regulations or constraints of HTAC, the City of HdG, or other regulatory or non-regulatory bodies as needed

  • Handling other HTAC events/program assistance as needed.


The Consultant will be required to submit invoices, detailing hours worked and tasks accomplished, on a regular basis, at least monthly, for their time spent on HTAC Inc. approved work. Payment would be made within a short period of time after invoice review and approval.

Level of Effort

The level of effort anticipated for the consulting services will be, on average, twenty hours a week. Actual work may be above or below that estimate during any specific week, depending upon the work to be completed. The Consultant will need to be available to provide assistance on weekends and evenings when programs and events are being staged or to meet with the Board.

Consulting Services Fees

The hourly rate paid to the Consultant for their efforts will be commensurate with the skills and experience of the selected applicant. That rate will be negotiated with the Board prior to the execution of a consulting contract.


Selection Criteria


The Ideal Consultant

  • Has experience in conceiving, planning, budgeting and implementing programs and events across various formats including entertainment, fundraising, instructional sessions (i.e. classes, history tours), etc.

  • Has a demonstrated knowledge of the requirements of working with and/or for 501 (c)(3) organizations

  • Can communicate, both verbally and in written form, in a highly responsive, collaborative, and transparent manner

  • Has flexibility to be available to provide assistance on nights or weekends as needed (for events/programs) or to meet with the BOD

  • Would have familiarity with the HdG arts scene and/or the arts in the local area

  • Must be willing and able to provide assistance outdoors (hot and cold weather conditions) and to walk/stand for extended periods of time during events/programs.



HTAC Inc. intends to hire the Consultant to assist in the work outlined in this summary as quickly as possible in order that they can begin working with the BOD and the Events and Programming Committees in the planning process for 2024 events and programs.

Submission Criteria and Evaluation

Criteria Submission Requested:

  • The proposal should include a description/ summary of the Consultant’s  experience including  specific details of the individuals’ relevant credentials, work/consulting experience as well as a narrative outlining the any other strengths and experience in areas beyond those cited in the selection criteria which the candidate feels will support their proposal for Consulting services.


Consultant Evaluation:

  • All Consultant proposal submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee of members of the Board of Directors. HTAC Inc. will notify the individuals submitting Consultant Proposals not selected for contract consideration

  • Consultants whose proposals were selected for consideration will then be interviewed by the committee, or the full Board. Consultants not selected for the consulting services contract will be notified

  • The Board will select the preferred Consultant for this services contract and negotiate a consulting contract with them. Upon agreement and provision of a W9 form to the organization, the consultant contract will be finalized and services to begin immediately thereafter.


Harmer’s Town Art Center, Inc is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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